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President Donald Trump’s campaign operatives and other allies have begun surveying the political landscape for his 2020 reelection bid, viewing a handful of upcoming midterm races as especially insightful to his strategic path three years from now. ...
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13 Nov 2017
THE ROTUNDA - As officials in Tallahassee and the legislature find themselves marred in controversy, Barbara Petersen,
06 Nov 2017
THE ROTUNDA - exposing Tallahassee’s so-called code of silence about the influence of sex in the legislative process.
30 Oct 2017
THE ROTUNDA - The big story behind incoming Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Clemens’ abrupt resignation. Intrepid
09 Oct 2017
THE ROTUNDA - Florida lawmakers are back in Tallahassee for committee week to jumpstart the legislative session which
02 Oct 2017
THE ROTUNDA - Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum speaks out on the city’s mysterious FBI investigation that he says is
25 Sep 2017
THE ROUNDA - NFL players take a knee after Trump’s call for a boycott. Also, is Florida a “State of Denial?” Despite
18 Sep 2017
THE ROTUNDA - Politics of Hurricane Irma: Will Governor Rick Scott’s response to the storm provide enough of a
28 Aug 2017
THE ROTUNDA - Could Multiracial Americans Ease Racial Tensions? Amid racial and cultural divide nationwide, advocates
21 Aug 2017
THE ROTUNDA - Florida Gov. Rick Scott proves his loyalty by sticking close to President Donald Trump through his most
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The Rotunda
THE ROTUNDA - As officials in Tallahassee and the legislature find themselves marred in controversy, Barbara Petersen, president of the First Amendment Foundation, a Tallahassee-based public record, and open meetings watchdog, explains new ways the public can hold government officials accountable for their actions. Gomes also talks with Florida Society of Association Executives president Frank Rudd about an industry study showing Florida associations having a $3.7 billion impact in the state. Plus, Gomes talks with Neil Ridley with Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce and Rod Duckworth with the Florida Department of Education's Division of Career and Adult Education their latest jobs report. The study’s findings show the number of jobs that pay well without requiring a bachelor's degree is growing in Florida and around the country. 
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A weekly podcast focusing on the people and stories shaping Florida politics produced by Trimmel Gomes an award-winning journalist and former statewide news director of Florida Public Radio. Gomes hosted its flagship program "Capital Report" and created the public affairs program "It's About Florida." Gomes is political commentator and regular political contributor to WTXL ABC 27 in Tallahassee.


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