Episode 120: Multiracial Floridians Episode 120: Multiracial Floridians
THE ROTUNDA - Could Multiracial Americans Ease Racial Tensions? Amid racial and cultural divide nationwide, advocates for the multiracial community are on a mission to remind the country that more things bind than separate the people in the United States. Gomes discusses the cultural and racial divide with Susan Graham, co-founder, and president of Project RACE. Gomes also interviews Andy Behrman, the president and CEO of the Florida Association of Community Health Centers about the services Floridians will be at risk of losing if the state’s Low Income Pool (LIP) funding model changes.

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A weekly podcast focusing on the people and stories shaping Florida politics produced by Trimmel Gomes an award-winning journalist and former statewide news director of Florida Public Radio. Gomes hosted its flagship program "Capital Report" and created the public affairs program "It's About Florida." Gomes is political commentator and regular political contributor to WTXL ABC 27 in Tallahassee.


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