Monday, 29 August 2016 00:00

Episode 74: Poetic Politics

THE ROTUNDA - Race relations and party politics continues to bubble over this election cycle and political newcomer Pam Keith who is running as a Democrat for U.S. Senate, issues a poetic rebuke of Democratic Party leadership. While turning her stump speech into slam poetry, Keith tells Gomes and an audience at “Black on Black Rhyme” poetry night in Tallahassee that her party has become unrecognizable, “it talks Democratic talk but walks Republican walk,” Keith said. Gomes also interviews Republican Party of Florida chairman Blaise Ingoglia who is calling on minorities to give the GOP a chance. “I totally get where Black Lives Matter comes from,” said Ingolia. “Some of the solutions to some of the problems plaguing black communities for such a long time can be solved by some of the things we’ve been advocating for like school choice.” Ingoglia also discusses the party’s new approach to focus on all races from the top and bottom of the ticket in addition to ongoing efforts to unify fractures in the GOP caused by Donald Trump.  
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(CNN)Jeb Bush's top adviser, Sally Bradshaw, has left the Republican Party to become an independent, and says if the presidential race in Florida is close, she'll vote for Hillary Clinton.  Bradshaw, who's been close to the former Florida governor for decades and was senior adviser to his 2016 campaign, officially switched her registration to unaffiliated. She told CNN's Jamie Gangel in an email interview that the GOP is "at a crossroads and have nominated a total narcissist -- a misogynist -- a bigot."  "This is a time when country has to take priority over political parties. Donald Trump cannot be elected president," Bradshaw said. Read more and watch video on CNN
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Monday, 01 August 2016 00:00

Episode 70: DNC's Shame

THE ROTUNDA -Fallout from the Democratic National Committee’s hacked email continues as former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s primary opponent, Tim Canova, threatens to file a complaint alleging she broke election rules. The Rotunda recaps the DNC plus an interview with state Sen. Geraldine Thompson who skipped the convention in protest because she argues the party has lost its way by picking favorites in primary races while claiming to have a fair and one process. Thompson teamed up with one of her opponents, Fatima Rita Fahny also vying for Florida’s 10th Congressional District to speak out against DNC’s practices. 
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MIAMI — State Rep. Jeanette Nuñez, one of 99 Florida delegates to this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, says GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump was not her first, second or third choice, but the Miami lawmaker will be backing the billionaire businessman. “I have a job as a delegate that I need to separate from my personal views,” Nuñez said Sunday in an interview with CBS-4 Miami’s Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede. “The voters have spoken, resoundingly, throughout the country,” she said, adding that voting against Trump would be “a disservice to voters” in Florida. Read more in POLITICO 
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THE ROTUNDA - Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is feeling the Bern and not in a good way. Sen. Bernie Sanders is helping Schultz’s Democratic opponent, Tim Canova, in her August 30 primary in Florida’s 23rd congressional district. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, the party’s “anointed candidate” as Sanders often calls her, slammed Donald Trumps endorsement by the NRA while attending the Trayvon Martin Foundation’s third annual “Circle of Mothers” meeting in Fort Lauderdale. But at least one anti-violence activist in attendance called for the issue of gun violence to be addressed by lawmakers in Tallahassee instead of Washington. Trimmel Gomes’ latest episode of The Rotunda, also includes an interview with the newly crowned Miss Tallahassee, Lauren Calmet, speaking out against Donald Trump's past role as owner of the beauty pageant. Calmet also discusses the growing trend of beauty queens becoming politicians. Gomes also talks with Rep. James Grant, R-Tampa, and media consultant Kevin Cate about their wild idea to get the Florida Legislature to approve creating a specialty license plate for their alma mater, Alabama’s Auburn University.    
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Tuesday, 17 May 2016 00:00

Episode 60: Rumble in Palm Beach

THE ROTUNDA - Palm Beach County’s top prosecutor, Dave Aronberg, discusses some his most memorable and outrageous cases during his first term as state attorney including the intense scrutiny and worldwide attention surrounding his decision to not prosecute Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski for simple battery after video showed him grabbing and pulling a reporter. Aronberg, a Democrat who previously served as a state senator talks about his efforts to take politics from the State Attorney’s Office and his decision to send the Corey Jones police shooting case to a grand jury. Gomes also tells the story of a young man once convicted of second-degree attempted murder, now living a life free of crime thanks to a non-profit juvenile justice program for high-risk offenders in Florida. SailFuture founder, Michael Long explains how his program utilizes the ocean as an alternative to incarceration and is transforming the lives of at-risk high school students with second chances.
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