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Episode 193: Kid Care

The Wednesday edition of The Rotunda Podcast explores how millions of Florida children could be in jeopardy of becoming uninsured. Alison Yager with the Florida Health Justice Project discusses new research by Georgetown University Center for Children and Families, which warns children could lose coverage as soon as April, when states will have to recheck eligibility for everyone enrolled in Medicaid, including kids.

Episode 192: Color Lines

The Friday edition of The Rotunda Podcast features Rep. Travaris McCurdy and Rep. Angie Nixon, two Black Democrats who are calling out racism after claiming Republican Rep. Cord Byrd, who is white, shouted expletives at them.

Episode 191: Healthcare

The Wednesday edition of The Rotunda Podcast follows the money on some big-ticket budget items impacting Florida’s health care industry. The Florida Hospital Association warns that cuts to hospital funding in the House and Senate’s budget could worsen staffing shortages at Florida hospitals.

Episode 190: Budget

The Monday edition of The Rotunda Podcast covers the budget process. Some Republican lawmakers are attempting to take $200 million away from 12 school districts that defied the governor’s orders and required students to wear masks to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 189: Change

The Friday edition of The Rotunda Podcast wraps up a busy week in the Florida Legislature where lawmakers advanced the controversial 15-week abortion bill, poised to become law. Florida’s election officials tell Gomes the state’s elections system is already at its best, and they are concerned about proposed changes that could disenfranchise voters. Gomes talks with Leon County Supervisor of Elections Mark Earley.