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Episode 199: FL Redistricting Session

On this edition of The Rotunda Podcast, lawmakers are back in Tallahassee for a four-day session to pass new congressional maps as part of the redistricting process.

Episode 198: Sine Die

On this edition of The Rotunda Podcast, Florida's 2022 legislative is coming to a close.

Episode 196: Cybersecurity

The Friday edition of The Rotunda Podcast hosted by Trimmel Gomes follows the passage of the 15-week abortion ban, which now heads to the governor. The Florida Senate also passes a bill to keep ‘unlawful’ migrants from coming to the state. 

Episode 195: State of the World

The Wednesday edition of The Rotunda Podcast features President Biden’s first State of the Union speech Tuesday as he addresses the Ukraine crisis, pledging that the US will close off its air space to Russian flights. 

Episode 194: War

The Friday edition of The Rotunda Podcast tracks how some of Florida’s leaders are speaking out against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Gomes also covers passionate debate on the House floor as lawmakers approve bills limiting discussions on race and advance the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.