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Episode 182: Revenge

The Wednesday edition of The Rotunda Podcast looks at the history of Florida's revenge porn law as Senator Lauren Book pushes legislation to strengthen the law after personal photos were from her and shared over the internet. Gomes revisited an interview with Carly Hellstrom, a victim of revenge porn who encouraged lawmakers to make the action a crime. 

Episode 181: Not Your Business

The Monday edition of The Rotunda Podcast explores how local governments fight state lawmakers to maintain local control, similar to how state governments fight the feds. Gomes interviews Miami Mayor and president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Francis Suarez.

Episode 180: Euphoria

The Friday edition of The Rotunda Podcast looks at the Florida Senate's passage of its redistricting plans. Plus, the Miami Herald's state government reporter Ana Ceballos is tracking bills by Republican lawmakers that could allow some political groups to shield funding sources from scrutiny.

Episode 179: Race Theory

The Wednesday edition of The Rotunda Podcast, follows race and critical race theory debates at the Florida capitol. Republican Senator Manny Diaz defends his bill against arguments from Democratic Senator Shevriin Jones, who argued such legislation would suppress the freedoms of teachers to address certain subject areas.

Episode 178: MLK DAY

The Monday edition of The Rotunda Podcast observes the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday focusing on the nation's day of service. Gomes also features a 2016 interview with King's son, Martin Luther King III, and looks ahead to activities around Florida's capitol.